Our ocean marine and inland marine reports follow the LLOYDS format. Detail and accuracy are the key ingredients which offer the reader an in-depth point-by-point review of all aspects relating to the claim.

The Sabby & Co. report has long been heralded in the Canadian shipping industry as being the most comprehensive and expressive in the business.


  • Claim Reporting
    Clients may report claim directly to Sabby offices
  • Investigation
    Determine claim extent of loss
  • Mitigation / Loss Adjustment
  • Report to Client
    Detailed updates and follow-ups


Also, as stated earlier, we provide our customers with detailed preliminary reports immediately after survey.

At Sabby & Co. our goal is not only to provide our customers with detailed and informative reports, but to assist claims departments by providing field service and reporting measures specifically created to their individual needs.

Sabby & Co. has a long history of excellence in the marine field and we assure you of our best services and prompt attention at all the times.